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    Sinkholes in North Alabama

    You’ve probably heard about the tragic event that took place in recent years in Florida—the the man who disappeared into a sinkhole that opened up under his bedroom while he was sleeping. As tragic as this event is, it was very rare. Statistically speaking, most of us never need to worry about the ground opening up under our homes.

    However, you may be surprised to learn that sinkholes do appear in our area, even in Madison County.

    Sinkholes are natural depressions in the Earth’s surface caused by the erosion of materials (including limestone, rock, salt beds and more) by water. While the material is eroding, the land above appears to be untouched, until the underground spaces become too big and the land on the surface collapses. A Wikipedia link to a detailed explanation is here.

    Sinkholes are not extremely common in our area, but they do occur. Limestone is common in northern Alabama, and when that erodes, sinkholes can occur. You can learn more about the data behind the research of where and how sinkholes in our area have taken place at this site. In addition, take a look at this map; it is a detailed view of sinkholes that have appeared in the Madison County area. The site cautions that it is only up-to-date through the 1970’s, so there may be some in our area that are not on the map. If you click on the map, you’ll see that sinkholes have occurred in places like Monte Sano State Park, Redstone Arsenal, and even downtown Huntsville.

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    • Nathan

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      My friend has a sink hole issue around her house. Her neighbor had it starting and it moved over to her house.


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