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    Faith has a heart and soul when it comes to the saying, "Sweet Home Alabama." She has been in Alabama for over 22 years and the pride in being an Alabamian is something she takes with honor. She has managed to not only understand the culture of the South but she is now the Culture. Moving to Alabama as a young girl inspired her to raise her family here and it also motivated her to release that ambition upon others and she choose to do so by becoming a Realtor.

    Faith’s career in Real Estate initially started years ago when she worked as a Realty Specialist for the U.S. Corp of Engineers and the joy of helping soldier’s families while they were defending our country gave her a sense of humility that you don't receive on a daily basis within any other career field. She later decided that she wanted to not only help those within uniform but also those who wore the uniform of freedom and that is our everyday working citizen. Faith wanted to assist others with seeking affordable luxury. Considering that she understood the art of listening to understand versus respond she felt as if the career field of becoming a full time realtor would not only be a prosperous career but it would also becoming fulfilling because should would encounter those from all walks of life as well as those from that walked in the battle field. She believes that as a Realtor you have to serve with integrity and the knowledgeable skillset of understanding the market in order to service one with affordable luxury.

    Faith has such a vast career history working in customer service and management; these skills are what not only qualifies her as a Realtor but also qualifies her as being relatable to the consumer. She believes that people work hard to that they can relax even harder so her goal is to work for them so they will be able to enjoy a memorable process when purchasing or selling their home.

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    Faith Bridges
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